Feedback Received

I recently had someone comment that my blog was disappointing because all I did was complain and offer no suggestions for resolution to issues.

Let me state once more and make it very clear, this blog is my online journal. Period. It is not my goal or responsibility to provide solutions or deeply thought out content. While I do venture into many directions and do think many things through this is my sounding board for inequities in society, the church and others.

You read one blog and then formed an opinion to cover all my writings, seriously? So save your criticism, I am obviously not writing for your satisfaction, it is for my satisfaction I write. It is to unload the myriad thoughts and emotions that I experience. To bring light to dark places you haven’t considered.

So you see, my goal never was to give you answers but more so to pose questions. Think about something other than your well traveled pathways of brain function and broaden your horizons.


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