Back in the Saddle

I haven’t written much the last few days, its just been pretty busy.

We started a gofundme campaign and are excited to say that its going very well. This to pay the $1100 retainer fee the psychiatric hospital requires to even be seen.

I have been working on a track bike that I want to get refurbished so I can ride for my health. Its doing something new I have never attempted before, I hear thats good for the brain.

Of course it is also a holiday weekend, so home projects abound. Susan is repainting a cabinet she’s been wanting to do for a while now.

So tomorrow I have to get some printer ink and get all the forms downloaded and begin working on them. Set up an appointment with Pine Rest, visit the bike shop nearby for some advice and help with bicycle disassembly before painting.

The week is starting out well. My mind-set is buoyed by the outpouring of financial help, almost beyond belief . Thank you.


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