Another shelf

Two weeks ago today I began a specific waiting process. It was then that I began to feel ill and indeed to this day I am not yet right. It was on the heels of writing the lyrics to a song called WAIT, I had no idea what that would mean until now.

You see, I am not a wait kind of person, yet I have been in a wait kinda scenario for what has been years now. I am only now seeing it. Since getting sick I have missed 1/3rd of my work shifts, these in varying positions from prone in bed to on my knees before the toilet. At no time in-between have I felt well and a constant cough has been my companion throughout.

Waiting, for what? I do not know. Just moved onto a further remote shelf while something is accomplished in me that is needed.

As I have felt the desire to reenter church life and regain my place in worship set aside several years ago~I have been sidelined in the process. My job for one doesn’t allow me freedom on Sundays, that’ll have to be addressed soon.  This physical malady must also run its course. But inside I have already begun to feel the metamorphosis of complete change.

Now it’s putting one foot in front of the other and finding the path that leads to my promised land. It’s mentally accepting that it’s possible. Its regaining convictions that drove me for decades in my pursuit of a worship lifestyle. It is also knowing that I have become an entirely different person and combining all of it into who I now am.

The wait is nearly over and a new chapter is about to be written. It’s an exciting and scary time, full of unknowns; darkly light streets, distant horizons and obstacles bigger than I have ever faced.

Bring it on.


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