Choose Wisely, Grasshopper

Getting fat, losing my hearing, and living on the edge of sanity. It’s not as dire as all that yet, however it feels like it.

Life has been kicking my ass for a few years now, recently cleaning up the floor with me. I’m just a dirty old mop head. A worthless price of crap sliding quickly down a bobsled to hell.

I am disliking “flash mobs”, people who get up and speak to groups as if they have all the answers, young people who think they know everything but just have no clue, the latest fashion trends and people’s need to copy them.

Heck I’m just getting started, this is what bitter old men do. Hate everything. It’s mostly because they’ve burned their own opportunities. Yeah that’s it in a nutshell. I have burned mine and here I sit in my own filth, figuratively.

I’ve let too many opportunities pass and sabotaged the bulk of them. This life thing isn’t as glamorous as it once was. It’s tired and worn out like my mind and body. Life? You can have it but watch out, old age will catch up to you before you know it. Choose wisely.


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