When Depression Descends

It’s hard to predict and difficult to understand. You just can never tell when depression will land on you like a giant suffocating weight.

First let me state that depression is ever-present, but it takes more ominous forms at indiscriminate times.  For me, depression hasn’t lifted from its current form for at least the last year. The reasons for this death dive are many and exhaustively aforementioned.

The point of this short post is that dude isn’t going to just snap out of it. The mental, physical and emotional problems exist in a real space. This malaise inflicts physical exhaustion. The mind is tortured with ominous thoughts. My emotions are drained from me like the sap from a tree.

When depression descends all bets are off. Everyday is a herculean effort to survive. However, I am thankful there is a ray of light that pierces the darkness from time to time, it gives me a small sliver of hope.


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