Why I Left The Church

People love posting little cutsie stories on why people leave the church. Oh they’re lazy or got out of the habit, were offended blah, blah, blah. I guess this is supposed to play on people and guilt them into returning, Isn’t that just like the church. For once the church needs to accept their responsibility for people leaving and not blame the leavers.

I left because there was systemic failure at every level from my earliest days on. Heck, I stuck with the church until the last straw and I was pushing my late 50’s. Still I guess I am a quitter in the churches eyes, didn’t really give them a chance. Haha, I gave 5 or 6 churches (yes read that as longevity) 40 years.

There may be a few people that fall into the easy to create reasons people leave, but I bet there are more substantial reasons the church just won’t admit too. Like caring more about keeping people happy than confronting their sin. Refusing to tackle tough subjects. Casting aside people that have problems too difficult to manage.

Remember the old days when parents disciplined their kids? It was boundaries and expectations that kept the family close and in balance. You think if we are nice everyone will be happy. Not so fast my friend.

I left because the problems I had as a child were ignored and when they became adult sized I was dismissed. So much for the love of God through people to the hurting.

You are being a disingenuous group of self-serving hypocrites if you blame the leavers in every instance. Look in a mirror.



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