In the Meantime

I am suspended between two entirely different era’s of my life and it is an uncomfortable time of waiting.

In the interest of transparency I have multiple fronts to deal with as I get from here to there. I have my past which is mired in questioning all things religious. A history of untimely rebellion. I have my age which I feel is a handicap when wanting to return to worship leading as a vocation. I have sold off most all my musical gear. I have, embarrassingly, problems with my teeth that are long standing and not getting better or cheaper to fix. Just being real.

In a time when time is my enemy, time is slowing down.

I know the pat answers to the problem, they are rehearsed in my mind but they don’t help me in this situation.

So in the meantime, while I get my act together and try to prepare for regaining a meaningful purpose to my life, I will stick to the basics. Prayer, patience, plodding along while waiting for what is coming to arrive. It ‘aint easy. In fact it’s downright painful.

So the axiom is being lived out that anything worth having is worth waiting for. It’s all part of the journey and indelibly etched in my memories. A day at a time and those days seem like months. When it really comes down to it am I looking for fools gold?


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