Your Opinion Needed!

A few years ago I pursued a dream that went sideways. I was late to the table anyway but now I am pushing 60.

Who wants a 60 year old worship leader up front?

It’s a serious question. One that requires total and complete honesty. I am doubting my ability to step back in after so much has happened. I am going back to church for the right reasons, with certain goals. But quite possibly its too late to join a staff and do it full time.

What do you think?


8 thoughts on “Your Opinion Needed!

  1. Age should not be a factor in who is in leadership in our congregations.
    When I was pastor I had myself that could lead the service, that would have been easy.
    There is a lot of people who think they are too old, the wrong sex, the wrong color. That is terrible and a fault of the person behind the pulpit.
    I said all of that to say this. My Sunday morning song leader was a retired mid sixties woman.
    My adult Sunday School teacher eventually became a senior woman. I chose her because I found out that she studies constantly. She was perfect for the role.
    I hope this helps your spirit. Think about this Moses was in his forties, I believe when God chose Him.
    Even greater was Abraham in his eighties, beyond what we would think about fathering a child. Sarah was in the same boat, but yet we know how their stories ended.
    So, you are not too old! Maybe, it is where you think you should be. There may be somewhere else that God wants to use you as a song leader and a witness.

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  2. Age does not matter but the will of God for your life. What is He saying you should do? Listen and follow his voice. Moses told God he would not go into the desert with the children of Israel, unless He went with them.When God goes with you, nothing is impossible. His presence makes worship come alive. Let the preconceptions go and see where it leads. Worship leaders can be on staff at a church or they may be in other settings such as assisted living, traveling, part of a citywide movement, prayer rallies, etc. God has a place for you to use your gifting.

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