You Stole My Love

I just watched a movie in which the hero returned to his family and there was great joy. When someone is abused you take that and so much more away from them.

I don’t believe anyone would love me like that anyway. I am dirty, I have been soiled by the lust of a pervert, damaged by the desires of a taker. My ability to love someone completely or to be loved. Removed from me almost surgically a passion for life all people need. Anything good, anything worth keeping, anything of any real value…gone.

You are a thief, but you deserve the sentence of a murderer. My life I know is gone. Through the passage of decades I have seen it drain slowly away with no chance of stopping. This is what I have to absorb and reckon with. But I am only one of many who are here, in this dark place.

If you are a taker, and if you have stolen someones life in this way, may god have pity on your soul. No, wait a minute. May he show you no mercy as you showed no mercy on the helpless.

I will never know love like I could have. But it is comforting to know there is a woman who loves me in a way I can never reciprocate. I’ll do my best, that’s all I can do.




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