It Takes as Long as it Takes

We gotta stop putting time limits on life and the places we find ourselves in.

Its OK, it really is…

Life has no formula for success in spite of numerous books and motivational speakers telling us so. There are no guarantees no matter what anyone says. If they say you do A, B, C and you’ll get D, E. F…it’s a lie.

I will tell you why.

No one has lived your unique life before. Your personality, your experiences, your wounds, your triumphs, your disasters. All of it is yours and yours alone. If I could suggest something it would be to stop listening to voices that condemn and instead hear those who believe in you and your wonderfully fashioned life. That includes your own voice that so often inflicts damage upon you.

Life is hard, it really is and I am not minimizing your trauma, I deal with mine so wrong sometimes too. But give yourself a break, and not just for a day or a week but as long as it takes.

Promise me you’ll try, and start building a healthy forward facing outlook.  We can do this because we really have no choice and we CAN do it.


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