This routine is getting old. Trying to build in some structure is supposedly the antidote for much more negative actions.

What the hell does structure do? Keep us busy so we don’t think about the crap that is our lives? Today I went to the airport, took some snacks and got a drink along the way. When I got there, this pic shows what I did:


Looks pretty much like every other day. Nothing comes into my orbit but that it is analyzed through the past. There is no future, there is no now.

The antidote is a thing called mindfulness, ever heard of it? It is an exercise that keeps you connected to the moment you are in I guess. I can’t seem to get it. Thats what an unresolved past will do, suck all the life from here on out.

So my relaxing trip to the airport just gave me another layer of regret. Oops.


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