Maintenance Days

In the world of ongoing medical issues comes the creation of maintenance days. These are in place to make special allowances for recurring problems that interfere with working. I have these in place for the next 6 or 8 months at one to two a month.

I have used one since returning to work but I am feeling another one for tomorrow. Primarily because of meds causing me not to be able to clear the cobwebs. I am also considering stepping down from management to a lesser position. I don’t need the stress and pressure at this late stage of life when I am just a few years from retirement.

Seems like there is always a life-changing choice to be made around here. I am tired and not up for the competition and challenges of a management job. Thats right, a J O B. If it was a passion of mine this wouldn’t even be a discussion. When you are passionate about something you do anything it takes to make it work. Those days are in the past for me.

Now, it is just survival. To somehow make it to retirement gainfully employed. So anyway, maintenance is needed right now. Finding it difficult to cope with the demands of the job. At the same time I am discovering my passions aren’t recognized by the few in my circle.

I have made my bed and now I must lie in it. Good night.


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