Is Transparency a Weakness?

After having written what I just have, a nagging question eats at me. Should I remain transparent when so often people will and can use it against you?

In my opinion far too many people are way to opaque and totally unknown, unreadable and covert. You never know where they stand personally and I think that is the weakness. Some people know their stand is controversial or even wrong so it is kept a secret.

Do you prefer anonymity? Many people do, you’ll never know who they are because they won’t let you. For me, well, its just different. I will use any platform to just be who I am without deception.  Maybe it’s because I practiced deception so much at one time that living in a glass bowl is OK to me now.

You have already made your choice as to how you’ll live. I have made mine, you will always know where I stand.



6 thoughts on “Is Transparency a Weakness?

    • Thank you. I wish more people shared this opinion in the church. But there is fear of rejection when people find the imperfection they didn’t want to know exists.

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      • It is totally a shame.
        Somehow those within the church have forgotten that the Gospel of Christ was all inclusive. He didn’t care who you were, where you came from, your lifestyle, etc.,
        I left the ministry because I could no longer go along with shaming people from the pulpit. I do not have space to write it all here.
        Here is the Scripture we need to get back to.
        Matthew 11:28 MSG
        28  “Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you’ll recover your life. I’ll show you how to take a real rest.


      • I am holding out hope that I can find a congregation that will accept me as I am. That they will see the value I bring along with everything else.

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