I am tired of words. Trying to make my case when I am too exhausted to put them together anymore. The problem is I will be seeing a new psychiatrist this week and I have to use my words…again. It isn’t a one and done deal, its a constantly morphing set of symptoms and an always moving target of expectations.

I am short on explanations and that’s what I need. Pinpointing what I am feeling and why is the hard part. It isn’t necessarily so easy to do.

Where will this lead? Surely these twists and turns are just getting going and disappointments are waiting in the wings. There is more rejection coming and more battles to fight, and it all revolves around words.

Will I have the right ones at the right time? It’s not as easy as saying don’t worry about it because I worry about everything. It is worth my worry.

Words.  I must choose them carefully.



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