Mental Illness is Real!

I hate your debates and your “wise speak” given credibility because of your name or reputation. I care not that in some way my opinion may marginally agree with a most controversial politician.

Do I have to kill myself for you to believe it is real, that it is mental illness?  Do I have to blindly murder others after having received my diagnosis for it to be a cause?

Further debates cloud the issues. Let me tell you what’s real. Abusive upbringings, neglected children, poverty, single parent homes, religion, bullying, all contribute to confusion in thinking and contribute to mental illness.

Will everyone afflicted kill? No. The numbers of those stricken are too numerous and would warrant an epidemic of world class catastrophic proportions. Does that mean mental illness isn’t a contributor? Hell no! Does having mental illness excuse the actions of a killer? No.

This whole argument has me spiraling and makes me believe you have no concept of what mental illness is. Maybe I am a pretender in your eyes. Just maybe I will show you.



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