I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.

Some days are better than others as they say. I am endeavoring to increase those good days. I am walking out a lifetime of mistakes, poor choices and repercussions of the abuse I suffered. I have severe depressed bipolar disorder 1, I have also been diagnosed with PTSD and generalized anxiety disorder.

I don’t use these as a crutch, but I do take them into account when I review the decisions and life I have led to this point. This is my online journal describing the daily challenges , enlightenment and victories I have along the way.

I am angry that this world only cares about tabloid sensationalism and doesn’t see the harm being perpetrated upon the innocent in growing numbers. Permanent damage is being done to countless children who bring it all into adulthood. Unfortunately, we are more worried about pressuring the hurt to forgive than prosecuting the offenders. This is not only in the general public but especially the church.

I am making this my fight on behalf of those without a voice.

So alwaysRISEalways means to never give up, to keep getting out of bed and persevering, working, growing to create a good and peaceful life in spite of what has happened.





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