Civil Tone Please?

I write a blog and I have to admit it can be pretty negative. I am sixty years old and trying to do things the “nice” way seems to be a futile venture. Admittedly a more sharply worded posture of me against the world might be a losing proposition. No one likes a negative nellie right?

Well I am sorry. Thats just the way it is. What is inside comes pouring out and there is no stopping it either.

Of course my tirades are downright tame compared to all of the political rhetoric that is flying around these days. They are hopeless to find a civil tone among the lot of them. Personally, I have yet to see how any real Christian can defend the antics of our current president. If you are pinning all you hopes on him because of one position, abortion, then you are really missing the point. You let this man treat women like crap who stand up and are strong. You let him use religion when it helps his cause. You let him lie, and lie and lie….and give him a pass.

He is the figurehead of biting, sarcastic and downright mean tone.

So I guess its OK for me to write that way. If you keep ignoring the mentally ill, the problem of pornography and sex trafficking and their inseparable link together, those sexually abused and their lifetime sentences, I will continue to point the finger and reign down accusations against the guilty. Guilty by their silence and giving strength to the evil forces that are not only surviving but winning.

Civil tone? I am sorry but the stakes are too high to be gentle and coddle your fragile spirit. Lives are at stake here. Everyday you ignore them they fall deeper into oblivion, but thats OK.  You go ahead and make your stand politically and damn the souls that you’ve already written off to their fate. Why do you think the president is as caustic as he is? The stakes are very high and what’s inside comes out.

Change that matters rarely happens in a quiet, quaint and pastoral environment. Its a war and a battle, can’t you see that happening now? Civil is out the window, it’s time for change.



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