The Unknown

Our future is so undefined. We make a plan and we think we know how it is going to all work out. But lurking in the shadows is an unknown force that purely exists to decimate our plans. This dark entity has just one goal and that is to disrupt all that is good and … Continue reading The Unknown


In your face Satan.. Its Celebration Time!

This week, I had the rare opportunity to share my personal story with a group of men, most of whom I did not know. I told them of all the mistakes I made, the willful disobedience and rebelliousness that infected my heart and how I eventually suffered complete and utter failure that reduced every hope and dream to a pile of … Continue reading In your face Satan.. Its Celebration Time!

The Jason Bourne in All of Us

Gotta love a guy who never, never, and I mean never relents in his personal quest.  He is the picture of a machine as he mows through his opponents with a robotic precision. He takes hits that would send us crying home to mama without even a flinch. Nothing will stop him until he gets … Continue reading The Jason Bourne in All of Us

A Legacy of Tragedy

  Some say that it is best to focus on the ups and keep the downs to yourself. As a point of fact, I have had people tell me not to write the truth of life as I experience it, but apply a thick, sugary, candy-coating and be an illuminating ray of positivity and hope in the … Continue reading A Legacy of Tragedy