The Jason Bourne in All of Us

Gotta love a guy who never, never, and I mean never relents in his personal quest.  He is the picture of a machine as he mows through his opponents with a robotic precision. He takes hits that would send us crying home to mama without even a flinch. Nothing will stop him until he gets what he is after, the truth.


We all know the premise of a brainwashed young recruit who is out to find and punish those who have used him for their nefarious schemes and plots. We watch as he puts the pieces together and methodically takes down every target with a surgeons skill. When each movie ends we are like…whoa! Unbelievable! And now, there is a new one that claims Jason is going to find out the real truth about everything, I can’t wait to see it!

Why all the violence? People in power miss-used their authority and manipulated his life, with no concern for its effect on him personally. He was part of a program that sent many just like him to their deaths, and saw numerous targets be wrongly assassinated. The personal cost he has experienced has been monumental, his identity stolen, his relationships destroyed; the flashbacks, the pain, the haunting visions of people he killed for all the wrong reasons.


He is pissed, and we are right there rooting for him and wildly cheering as he executes righteous judgement.

There are some of us, who, like Jason Bourne, feel a similar force compelling us to act. We have suffered the same injustices, such as stolen identities, relationships being destroyed, with all the pain, searing flashbacks and haunting visions. We have been miss-used too, and have every right to know why, how, and to seek justice.

But when I think about it, I want to put people in the crosshairs of my anger. I want to seek revenge and see them suffer for what they have done to cost me so much, when the truth is that I am equally guilty of using my life as a weapon of destruction, and have also brought pain and wounding to others.

When it really comes down to it, the devil should be the one to pay for these crimes against humanity. The father of all evil and lies has tormented and manipulated countless souls into oblivion, and used willing hosts to wreak havoc on mankind. The problem is, we don’t SEE the devil, we SEE people. They are just like us it seems as they go about their lives. But in some way shape or form, they have hurt us beyond comprehension, and that is what we cannot come to grips with. Additionally, there are those who we believe have acted in complicity with the offender, and we lump them in with the original reason for our vengeance.

I guess we have to figure out, each of us, who is our real enemy.

If you read my blog, you can go back to the beginning and see a very different tone. Sifting through the posts you will find a progression and metamorphosis that has taken place and continues to this day. It is a genuine journey, and though anger is expressed openly, it isn’t done so without calculation. The many negative emotions I have are part of the process of figuring out who I am, why I am, how I came to be this man, what needs to change, and when that time has come.

I am actually at peace with the process, because, I am doing it. It is painful, dangerous, and lonely; but I believe that there is a destination to which I will arrive, and it will be what I have been searching for. I don’t know where I am in the Bourne chronicles, but I am on my way to finding out the truth, and that propels me forward in my personal quest.


So what’s your goal – the thing that pushes you onward every single day? Have you figured it out, or is there still some hazy, poorly focused vision that is hard to define? I encourage you to keep after it and never give up, this is an ongoing saga of your life and it isn’t over until your last breath. Be relentless, purposeful, driven, willing to make mistakes, never just accept that what has been is the way it will always be. There’s more, so much more…there’s joy, there’s forgiveness, there’s peace, there’s contentment, there’s love, there’s mercy, there’s completion, and there’s closure. I haven’t yet experienced them all, but I know without a doubt that I will.

Now, go get ’em “Jason!”


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