Our Father[s Day] Who Art In Heaven

Well, another fathers day is upon us and the inevitable impact is being felt by fathers, wives, kids, etc. There are a million stories of love and faithfulness, sacrifice and selflessness. Amazing fathers who defied odds, overcame obstacles, and gave everything so their families could be provided for and truly blessed. But there are also countless stories of abandonment and lack, fear and hopelessness, abuse and neglect, and the effects of all this continues to be traumatic for so many, many people.

Whether you are blessed with an amazing dad, one you’ve never known, or somewhere in-between, we have a Father in heaven who loves so very much and is always there for each of us.

No father is perfect, except for our Father in heaven, He will hear our prayers and see our tears in the night, His loving arms wrapped tightly around us.

I am praying today for all those who struggle with their image of what a father should be and what they have experienced. May the grace of God minister to you.

Our Father in heaven will never leave, never forsake, and never hurt you. His love is unmatched in all He has given to offer hope and security for our souls.

I am thankful for my eternal Father in heaven who is always with me. He is merciful when I fail, always willing to forgive me and restore, picking me up and setting my feet on the rock!

I pray for the fathers, those who have not quite lived up to the expectations of their families, may Gods grace fill your life with a new hope that arises with each new day.

We are all Gods children; all in need of forgiveness and salvation, restoration, and change deep within our hearts.

God Bless you this fathers day like never before!


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