Our Perilous Lives

It occurs to me today, that each of us are on a most decidedly frantic and rather dangerous dash through time and space. The governance of our lives is held together by the flimsiest of contrivances. Our health, relationships, jobs, even our faith or lack thereof keep this wild cyclone from devouring us. Just barely.

Our lives are so fragile, they can be lifted up or dashed to pieces by any one of infinite circumstances.

How we negotiate this life is nothing short of a miracle. We are handed a history that is often beyond our control and then forced to make something of less than nothing. The miracle is that we are able to adapt, learn and function through horrific times, and somehow survive.

I am a survivor.

I can say that my beginning doomed me to failure and accept that as truth, or I can see the strides I have made in spite of the obstacles. I have spent many a year crushed beneath the weight of mistakes. I believe I have paid my penance for these things.

Now I am emerging from an extremely hopeless and bitter time. Renewal of mind and spirit, yet feeling the decay of my body. A lifetime can either ravage the soul or water its depths. I stand here facing my personal oblivion with my chin held high.

Yes, there is a shameful story, but there is also a victorious hope that remains. There is a story to tell, a story that even if you know me, you have no idea what It would be. It is because I have lived it. Not you. You likewise have your own story to tell. It may be filled with glimmering moments or have a dirty, disgusting odor. It is all the same.

No one can say that they could do better or worse if they were you, because they are not.

Let me say this to you. Take pride in the fact you are a survivor. It matters not the accolades the world heaps on men. We know what we’ve come through, we know what we’ve fought and lost. What we’ve battled and won.

YOU are a marvelous and indispensable person to those around you and the world at large. They may not recognize this readily, it’s not important that they do. Whats important is that you never give up, don’t you ever quit, I am counting on you and so are many others.

Our lives are perilous but the journey is still filled with hope. Think on this and know that only you determine what your story will be.


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