Please, Don’t Defend Joe Biden!

There is no excuse for Joe Biden to behave as he does. A recent quote said, “he is extremely affectionate, extremely flirtatious in a completely safe way.”  ~ Mika Brzezinski

Really? At the cost of political stature you are going to defend this behavior? All of our society has been polarized by a plethora of sexually explosive stories. There are countless victims and many perpetrators. Why would someone in the world of politics not have checked themselves in this current climate?

Then it was said that “I’m wondering if all women need to be believed.” OMG! This is the heart of the matter, a female of the same party as Biden is rushing to his defense.  How can her credibility not be challenged either, as a woman.  If indeed all women don’t need to be believed, why should we believe her?

What a screwed up society we live in. You will defend Biden for overt sexual actions, and then you will crucify another because they aren’t in your political spectrum? Is he looking for a response that will open a door for him to have an affair? Has he had an affair or two? Where is the call for an investigation into Joe Biden?

Even beyond this specific situation, there are some powerful forces at work here. The pick-and-choose people who decide what should be prosecuted and what should be set aside. How many who have experience sexual assault are discredited before they can even tell their story? This is power justifying actions, and that is a dangerous position to take. People like me are not going to stand for it.

Now, maybe my voice isn’t being heard by millions, but that doesn’t mean I have no power. I will continue to get more vocal and call the silent into action. The silent who have been abused, whether man or woman, teenager or child, every one has a right to live without the fear of sexual assault or abuse.

Shame on anyone who defends Joe Biden. His ignorance of a clear societal standard and defending it, in my opinion disqualifies him to lead our country. If you think I am merely a Republican attacking an opposing candidate you are wrong. I am not a republican, and were you to attack me, be careful. I am an adult survivor of CSA (Childhood Sexual Abuse) and I will see Justice done!

If you are a survivor or victim, the time to join our voices has come.  Let us use the strength we posses to fight a society that lives by situationally ethical standards.

Be silent no more!




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