It’s Sickening and Cruel but That’s the World for You

The simple truth is this, when you abuse a child, you light a fuse on a bomb that will eventually explode.

This world is quick to prosecute and throw people away. It doesn’t matter what your story is, when you are an adult you are responsible for your actions. I get that, and I accept the premise. But you are leaving a huge factor out of the equation.

It is proven that a child who is abused is deeply affected. It matters not if it was once or a hundred times. There are consequences. Often these cannot be fully cured, and they will lead to very negative outcomes. People don’t want to deal with them though, they want to hush the crime and then they want to distance themselves from the resulting behavior.

It’s sickening and cruel. 

You want to help alleviate the prison population? Provide help to the abused when it will make a difference. You want to see the cost of healthcare shrink? Treat the wounded when they are still a child. You want to see less suicides, drug addiction, relationship problems? Give a shit for once about someone else.

Now it is true that some don’t report their abuse until later in life. Do them a favor and recognize the tremendous courage it takes to come forward. Understand that their pain and loneliness has probably decimated much of their lives.

Fellow Riser’s we, in spite of the worlds apathy have to stand and live our lives. Do not hang your head, proudly walk forward knowing what you have already overcome.

Tomorrow is a new day….alwaysRISE…always!




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