2 Out of 3 is Usually Good

What a beautiful day, too bad I will spend it in a fog, boy do I wish I was that dog!

Two out of three nights now I haven’t gotten any sleep. Tuesday night was an all-nighter as was last night, sandwiched in-between was a good nights rest.

I am having some manic type symptoms as well. fidgety, gotta keep moving.

I am going to give it a couple more nights and if this continues, you guessed it, contact the psychiatrist for some more adjustments. Oh boy is this getting tiring (no pun intended) trying to get these meds right.

Welcome to multiple types of mental disorders and trying to get a handle on all of them at once. I know its complicated and the professionals handling my case are doing their best. I have enough worries that I am going to be unable to get some kind of normal life back, this just keeps reminding me of that.

Ok, today is a new day, I will try to make the best of it. Another day without thoughts of suicide will be a victory.


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