Tortoise or Hare?

Processing mental health can come at different paces with varying results and that’s perfectly fine.

We, and those around us can at times put pressure on ourselves to make progress at a defined rate of speed. But here is a little bit of news for everyone. Nothing happens according to your desired plans.

Sometimes there are times of great revelation and we are cognizant of tremendous gains in the struggle. But we must accept that there are also going to be days, weeks and months of stifled movement. Especially after some growth, we are needing a time to settle into this new reality before we challenge ourselves with more.

My point is that mental health, and the progress we make in finding our ability to master coping skills is somewhat like the tortoise and the hare. We can move very fast but then feel bogged down as we trudge though the deep stuff that is embedded in our brain.

So today, give yourself a break from ridiculous expectations for yourself or others. Realize you can only handle so much at a time. You need to rest for a while before you bite off another chunk to chew on.

Have a good weekend!


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