The Un-Reality of Prescription Medicine

Have you ever watched, and I know you have, the commercials about any one of thousands of meds that promise any problem you have can be easily cured through their use? Sure they will list a ton of fearsome side effects but hey, so what! You’ll be better for sure!

The before and after are of a stupendous and magical nature. Suddenly life is worth living again, your social life improves, every aspect of life is now absolutely perfect! And all due to the introduction of their medication.

I categorically denounce and condemn these advertisements and their falsehoods.

There are no magic bullets and no possibility that a single drug will make your life somehow immune to pain and disappointment. It sickens me to watch these ads and think people actually try to pass them off as real.

The truth is that anything from a headache to a life-threatening disease cannot be cured so easily and even if there is any type of progress toward wholeness, life is not suddenly utopian.

Stop these lies and the promises you use in an attempt to dupe the entire world. Any healing one experiences comes through a multi-disciplined approach that isn’t limited to a “single pill taken twice daily.”

Anyone who has suffered any true disease knows this to be fact.





One thought on “The Un-Reality of Prescription Medicine

  1. Pharmaceutical drugs are straight up annoying, filled with lies and promises, in addition to the financial distress they cause to many. Although, some medications I do believe are a tool, not a cure. Some of these types of medications can be utilized as a tool to get a person on the right track to recovery. Other medications are just a very expensive band aid and are over prescribed and improperly used to hide from the disease or illness rather than deal with the root cause and fix the problem. It sure is sad how pharmaceutical companies get away with all they do. I have to say I agree with your thoughts on this and am just as frustrated, if not more than yourself dealing with the same issues.


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