UPDATE: I have a little below average hearing for my age and the tinnitus is permanent. I have to get used to it.


Yep, today I see the audiologist, I have been experiencing some tinnitus, that’s ringing in the ears. I get a constant static sound and with it a pitched ring. It is continuous, doesn’t fade or stop…if I am awake I’m hearing it in stereo.

This may be contributing to my other diagnosis’ they are known to do that. The combination of tinnitus and mental illness amplifies the symptoms. There is also the possibility that the ringing is an indication of some medical issues. So hopefully today I will have some answers. Yes, this is another round of self-care!

Tomorrow I have no appointments so I have some physical exercise planned. In speaking with my therapist yesterday that seemed a good place to start. I will do something like a 9-10am thing at the workout room in our apartment complex.

The rest of the day is open, so we’ll see.

Have a getaway planned this weekend, heading north for a few days. I think that will be a very good way to take a breath apart from all that presses here.


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