A Little on the Manic Side

I am definitely bordering on the high end of things lately. Latuda was introduced to my regime to address the Bi-Polar depression symptoms I was having, now I am a little manic.

In a world with a choice between the low and highs, heck, I’ll take the highs. Still, it will need to be adjusted again, I can’t be like this all the time.

Today I am having a colonoscopy, need to be at the hospital at 11 am.  It is a miserable process to prepare but I have that behind me (no pun intended). Now I am just really hungry! Exacerbating it is my sleeplessness, I have been up since 2:30 am.

My next appointment with the psychiatrist is May 20 with a possible return to work June 1. My therapist has been out three weeks, his wife had a baby, I am missing having that time to work through some issues.

Sometimes it feels as if this limbo emotionally will never resolve. O well, have a great day, I will check in again after my procedure.


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