“So-Called” Psychiatric Care

Yesterday morning I had an appointment with my psychiatrist. Well, if you can call disinterested, mocking, dismissive, uncaring, and an excuse filled ten minutes as actual Psychiatric care. My wife came along to interject her observations, she is concerned and wanted to offer her view-point. She got little more than a once of respect and comments about the role she was taking in a failed comedic effort.

You walk in, they require you fill out a form with how you are doing. After you take the time to do it, the doctor just glances at it; it bears no weight as to why you’re there and any changes to treatment.

I am used to being treated this way, especially being in partial hospitalization in one of two psychiatric facilities in the area, it took her comments afterward to realize the assembly line mentality I was given. It’s a fifteen minute appointment that they try to make ten, your concerns aren’t given any credence (after all, they are the professional) then they collect their fee and “we’ll see you in 4 weeks.” You’re walking out the door saying to yourself, what just happened?


As I awake this morning, nothing has changed in spite of loads of mediations being thrown at me and six weeks of treatment 6 hours a day. I am nauseous all day, hopeless, having suicidal ideation, severely depressed, anxious and I have nearly lost all capacity to feel, I’m numb.

Oh yeah, the final straw was I asked he extend my work absence from a certain date to an indefinite return so I can provide that to my employer and then apply for long-term disability. He says “I’ve done all I can for you” and refuses to do this simple task to help HIS PATIENT deal with his disability.

Maybe you have experienced the same thing with a doctor of any sort. All this told me is I am taking myself, my concerns and that much coveted payment from my insurance company with me and I will find a doctor who actually listens and cares.

I’m worth it, and so are you!


One thought on ““So-Called” Psychiatric Care

  1. I agree! You’re worth it! Fire that psychiatrist, and find one that’s not ‘phoning it in’. Thanks for sharing your story in this blog. I’m following, and wish you all the best.


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